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A unique dining experience

About Trenza

Trenza translates into braid. Behind our name is three strands that make a complete braid. With out latin menu being our main braid, the Indian influence and the techniques of our world complete it.

We have a unique dining experience that you can be a part of every night. Entering into Trenza you will walk into our ┬álounge with casual dining, then into our elegant dining room that has the view of the open kitchen. But if you want to get really up and close and want to experience first hand, you can sit right at the chef’s bar and interact with the other guests and/or the chefs with a surprise menu. We also have our private dining rooms to have a intimate dinner with your loved ones and select a special menu…

Our cooking school during the day is for those that love to cook and/or want to learn more. We have private classes and set menu classes with special guest chefs. The private classes are anything from a girls day, to a child drop off to have fun with the girlfriends. and for those husbands that need to learn and/or want to learn something on their own for a special dinner. we have it all….

Our Staff

Susie Jimenez

Susie Jimenez

Welcoming celebrity chef Susie Jimenez to Texas to incorporate her latin roots with her ideas of the world flavors, techniques and marrying them to make sense is an honor to Trenza. Her background comes from Michoacan where her family migrated from Mexico to California, to start picking fruit. As she progressed in her life, food was an important factor in her family, not only did it bring them together but it was also a part of their daily lives.

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Stephanie Troyer height=

Stephanie Troyer
General Manager

Stephanie Troyer is relocating from Hilton Head Island, South Carolina to join the Trenza team. Barbecuing was a big tradition in Stephanie’s family. Every weekend her father would spend hours creating something different on the grill. Stephanie was always his assistant. Her excitement for food and passion to be around different people everyday led her to the hospitality industry 14 years ago. Stephanie, a native of New England is a true Boston sports fan. She loves spending time with her husband grilling and creating new cocktails. Stephanie is excited to be apart of the Trenza Team and cannot wait to welcome you with a smile.


Donny Derryberry

Donny Derryberry
Sous Chef

Donnie has always admired his grandfather and works towards making him proud with his culinary craft. From his introduction to the restaurant industry as a dishwasher/prep cook, he always knew this is where he wanted to be. Now at Trenza, under the knowledge of Susie Jimenez, he can continue to improve his culinary passion by becoming Trenza’s sous chef. With plenty of enthusiasm and dedication he hopes to open his own place one day.